Svend-Hermand\Litter 9
Litter 9 - Sydney (Maliwick's Little Susie)

Puppies between Svend-Hermand and Sydney (Maliwick's Little Susie) were born 10. January 2014 - 6 boys and one girl. All requests regarding the puppies to Kennel Maliwick's.
Puppies, 3 weeks old.
The puppies a few days old.
Maliwick's Ay Kay Ay.
Maliwick's Bee Ar Bee.
Maliwicks Bee Ef Ef.
Maliwicks El Oh El.
Maliwicks Oh Em Gee.
Maliwicks Tee Gee Ay Ef.
Maliwicks Tee Tee Wy El.