Svend-Hermand's father is our own male dog, Hubert. Hubert has already produced several amazing puppies with different bitches. All puppies with superb temper.

The mother is living at Kennel Dynamic Flyer's, but was bred at Kennel Free Stride, called DKCH Free Stride's Bright Eyes (Marianne).
In many ways she is a fantastic beagle, very social and strong minded - and extreme affectionate.

It was deliberate that she should be the mother of our Svend-Hermand. Marianne has not been shown at shows very often, still she became DKCH in less than a year.

Svend-Hermand himself is a very happy beagle, extreme social and have great courage for life. He loves to be a part of our little pack, and he repeatedly tries the permitted boundaries towards the two other dogs.

Svend-Hermand has already shown great show results including BIS placement as puppy and he gained his first BOB at an age of 10 month. He has both JCAC and CAC in Denmark too.

We have trained Svend-Hermand on blood trail and he is here doing a great job too.

Dynamic Flyer's Posh Teddy (Svend-Hermand) aka Svennie

DKK reg. no. DK16615/2009 - Born August 14, 2009

SKK reg. no. S59562/2009

HD Status:  Grade B (Fair) - MLS tested:  N/N Clear
FVII tested:  N/N Clear - IGS tested: N/N Clear - NCCD tested: N/N Clear
Danish Winner 2016
Silver Showbeagle 2016 (DK)
Bronze Studbeagle 2016 (DK)
Bronze Showbeagle 2016 (SE)
Copenhagen Winner 2016
Silver Showbeagle 2015 (SE)
Swedish Winner 2014
Gold Showbeagle 2014 (SE)
German Champion (BCD) 2014
German Champion (VDH) 2014
Landessieger Thüringen 2014
Gold Showbeagle 2013 (SE)
Landessieger Thüringen 2013
Danish Breed Winner 2012
Danish Winner 2012
International Show Champion 2012
International Champion 2013
Danish Club Champion 2012
Gold Showbeagle 2012 (DK)
Danish Champion 2011
Danish Junior Champion 2010
Gold Junior Showbeagle 2010
Bronze Showbeagle 2010
Gold Showbeagle 2011 (DK,  SE)
Crufts qualification for life

Passed Blood Tracking Test, 2012 (SE)
Blood Tracking Test, 1st Prize, 2013 (DK)

4 x BOB puppy
2 x BIS puppy
80 x BOB (DK, SE, NL, DE)
15 x BOS (DK, SE, DE)
9 x CAC (DK, NL)
6 x VDH (DE)
6 x BCD (DE)
4 x Club CAC (DK)
48 x CACIB (DK, SE, NL, DE)
27 x Group placement (DK, SE, NL, DE)
10 x Group Winner (DK, SE)
2 x BIS placement (DK, SE)