KBHV06 Daisy Hills Chasserende Celestin
(Skipper II)

DKK reg. no. 16253/2004 - July 3, 2004 --  July 26, 2017

SKK reg. no. S15581/2008

MLS tested:  N/N Clear
The father is the multi champion Gold Line's Blue Tornado, the most winning beagle in Danish history.

The mother is from the kennel Kennel Daisy Hill; called Daisy Hill's Extreme Erantis, which with great success was used by the kennel owner's granddaughter Kamille for Junior Handling, and she too achieved very nice show results.

Skipper II is in many ways a great beagle, he is very kind and has a very good temper towards children and other dogs and - horses!

He has great  show results, being Danish Copenhagen Winner 2006 and CAC Winner in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Skipper II has the qualifications to be Swedish Show Champion but is missing the hunting tests (3 times first price on driving). He also has the qualifications for CIB (International Championship) but lacks the hunting test here as well. In generel we don't want our dogs to hunt.

2010 Skipper II became Top Working Dog of The Year (The Danish Beagle Club).

Skipper II, 2010
Copenhagen Winner 2006
Gold Workingdog 2010

2 x 2nd prize Blood trail (2007 + 2009)

3 x BOB
1 x BOS
13 x CAC (Denmark, Sweden, Germany)
2 x CACIB (Denmark, Sweden)
4 x Resv. CACIB (Sweden)
3 x BOB Veteran
1 x BIS Veteran
1 x Group Winner (Sweden)

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