Hubert\Litter 4
6 weeks old. Pictures of our puppy to be;  Dynamic Flyer's Posh Teddy - aka Svend-Hermand!
Svend-Hermand, 6 weeks. Here he takes a nap together with some of his brothers and sisters. It's Svend-Hermand top right.
3 weeks old.
August 14, 2009; finally arrived! 9 beautiful puppies - 4 males and 5 bitches.
Marianne, 8 weeks pregnant - she looks like she will pop any minute now!
Marianne and Hubert
Litter 4 - Marianne (DKCH Free Stride's Bright Eyes)

On August 14 the puppies of Hubert and Marianne (DKCH Free Stride's Bright Eyes) were born. All puppies are sold.