Dynamic Flyer's Silent Night Wind (Hubert)

DKK reg. no. 15959/2005 - August 8, 2005 -- May 2, 2021

SKK reg. no. S13931/2008

HD Status:  Grade A (Clean)  -  MLS tested:  N/N Clear
The father is an American imported beagle from the wellknown kennel "Starbuck Torbay"; USACH DKCH Starbuck Torbay About Face (aka Poul), which has already bred fantastic offspring. Offspring which is wellproportioned and with a kind temper. Today Poul is co-owned by the Danish kennels Dynamic Flyer and Gold Line.

The mother is from the Danish kennel Dynamic Flyer's; Dynamic Flyer's Quiet Indian Summer (aka Hannah). Hannah is a very beautiful red and white coloured bitch with pure "Picasso markings" on the back, a sweet and extremely strongminded little lady.

Hubert is the leader dog considering he is the younger dog. He is very lively and has a good temper, loves children and is very tolerant with other dogs.

Hubert has fantastic show results in the show ring, he became the best young male of the year 2006 in the Danish Beagle Club and has serveral times been BOB, and has Group- and Best in Show placements in Denmark and in Sweden.

Nordic Veteran Winner 2015 (SE)
Silver Veteran Showbeagle 2014 (DK)
Copenhagen Veteran Winner 2014
German Veteran Champion 2014
Danish Veteran Champion 2014
Silver Veteran Showbeagle 2013 (DK)
Copenhagen Winner 2013
Danish Champion 2007
Danish Club Champion 2011
International Champion 2009
International Show Champion 2009
Norwegian Winner 2009
Gold Junior Showbeagle 2006
Bronze Studdog 2010
Bronze Studdog 2011
Gold Showbeagle 2008, 2009, 2010

1 x 1st prize Blood trail (2009)

3 x BOB puppy
1 x BOS puppy
3 x BIS puppy
35 x BOB (DK, SE)
7 x BOS (DK, SE, NO)
5 x CAC (DK, SE)
6 x VDH (DE)
4 x Club CAC (DK)
3 x Vet CAC (DK)
2 x Vet CAC Resv. (DE)
16 x CACIB (DK, SE, NO)
17 x Group placement (DK, SE)
4 x Group Winner (SE)
4 x BIS placement (SE)
25 x BOB Veteran (DK, SE)
11 x BOS Veteran (DK, SE)
7 x BIS Veteran placement (DK, SE)