Enjoying the first sun in the garden, Spring 2011
It has been a long day - Good night! (Christmas 2010)
Time for a snack (Christmas 2010)
Presents for the dogs (Christmas 2010)
Supervising the food fabrication (Christmas 2010)
Charging batteries before the guests arrives (Christmas 2010)
Exercise in muzzle! Getting prepared to travel with ferry from Karlskrona to Gdansk. Rules of the ferry company! (July 2010)
Visit at grandma's (June 2010)
Britts birthday cakes, one inspired from a real picture. Cakes made by  (November 2009)
Our deer; now there are four of them! (November 2009)
And they say a big stomach is no good!? (november 2009)
Svend-Hermand goofing around (november 2009)
Svend-Hermand on the way to his new life in Sweden (October 18, 2009)
Hubert would like to catch his own dinner - but the fence is blocking! (August 2009)
Project Dog Yard (May 2009)
Huberts first time as junior handler dog together with Freja - BIS3 (Hässleholm, May 2009)
Skipper II and Sille (August 2008)
Huberts first encounter with deers just outside our back garden (2008)
Skipper II rests on his laurels  (July 2008)
First play run in the garden (March 2008)
Together a last - Hubert had been away for a couple of days (May 2007)
Playful in the snow  (February 2007)
Weekend relaxation (January 2007)
Christmas 2006, Køge
Hubert longing for Britt (November 2006)
Skipper II in his basket (November 2006)
At Grand Ma's (July 2006)
Hubert takes a nap - once more! (July 2006)
Skipper II "loves" a good manicure!
At Grand Ma's and Grand Pa's place (June 2006)
Mugshot  (January 2006)
1½ meter of beagle;  Skipper II flattens out (August 2005)
Skipper II and nephew Janus (September 2004)
Skipper II with his first teddy bear "Mr. Pinkerton" (bought in France)
Other animals in the family
Revlon 2004 (Britts horse) - U June 2006
Lazy Sunday, September 2013
Playful in the garden - March 2015. Fantastic pictures by Candice Louis, Hetre au Loup.
Chill out in the sun - May 2016; Svennie and Skipper II.
Skipper II - old, but still playfull.
Kevin playing with the oldies...
Kevin visiting Grandpa for the first time; April 2016.
Kevin adapting to the BeagleBuddies way of living...
Christmas 2019