Britt Neumann
Jens H. Holbech
Cell phone:  +45 40 92 04 69

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We are a couple living in a beautiful Swedish wooden house near the city of Kävlinge. The house is placed on a 3000m2 ground with a great view; fields of corn and a deer farm - and in the distance there are hights with houses and a church.

After careful considerations as to the breed we wanted, the choice fell upon the breed Beagle, because Jens had a lovely male - "Skipper" - when he was a kid. And it was obvious that we should call our first mutual beagle - "Skipper II".

January 2006 we got another wonderful beagle - Hubert!

From here there was no doubt that we would have a great experience with all out beagles to come!

We have been to shows with all our dogs in both Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Poland.
Our house, August 2008. The model is "Björken" from the Swedish company Hjältevadshus.